Alabama Business and Industry Certification for Agriscience Teachers and
Business Education Teachers


The purpose of the website is help guide you and your department through the BIC process. All links to the left are materials that are needed for your BIC reveiw.

What is BIC?
Business/Industry Certification (BIC) is a means of assisting career/technical education programs to improve by setting standards against which all programs can be measured. BIC demonstrates commitment to quality, enhances the program's image, reflects achievement of teachers and students, establishes professional credentials, improves the opportunity for career development and advancement for program graduates, and validates quality. Over $20 million in bond money has been spent in the last five years to update equipment in career/technical education classrooms and labs.

Important Questions??
Click here to read some important questions and answers from the Alabama Department of Education reguarding the BIC process.

Wiki BIC Survival Guide

Upon Doc. Parr’s request, I am developing a task guide for this project. Wikis are setup as a social networking way to do a project. I need input from each group member as the site is developed. Below, I’ve listed assignments for each member. If you feel you need help or don’t understand the task, feel free to email me. Wiki’s are not hard. They can actually be fun if you like building web pages (graphics, text, colors, and hyperlinks).

1) Home page- Brock/Kirk/John/Johnny- I will design the home page. The home page will have general BIC information on it. Introduction and such. Kirk/John/Johnny you make a pages from the home page to an Ag. Ed. introduction page. From that page we will link all forms need by ag. teachers to complete their notebook for the BIC review.

2) Kalli/Brook- From the home page, you all need to make a new page and title the page BIC for Business Ed. or something along those lines (make it your intro. to business ed). From your business ed. home page make other pages (or hyperlinks from the page) with information that you gather about the business ed. side of things. Include anything relevant to your section of tech/ed.