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Business/Industry Certification (BIC) is the review process where the Career Technical Education (CTE) Director establishes quality to ensure that individual CTE programs meet a specific set of standards set by Alabama's business and industry. "The purpose of BIC is to provide programs that are up to date by industry standards so that students will be equipped for post-secondary studies and for entry into the workforce" (Alabama Department of Education, 2005). The responsibility of the CTE director is to make sure that the programs pass the BIC review process.

According to the CTE Administrator Desk Reference there are six responsibilities of the local Career Tech Director. These six responsibilities are:

  1. Verify that each checklist item on the BIC Standards/Quality Factors Checklist can be marked "yes" prior to the on-side review for both the administrator's review and the program review(s).
  2. Verify that all required administrator and program documentation is available in a manageable format.
  3. Verify that team members selected for both the administrator's review and the program review meet criteria prior to the scheduled review date.
  4. The Career/Technical administrator must approve daily schedules prior to the on-site review.
  5. Collect and mail the Facilitator Survey Form to the Department at the end of the on-site review.
  6. Verify and continued compliance for all programs not undergoing on-site reviews each year.

To accurately conduct this process, documentation must be kept by either written records or by digital records to ensure that the standards are recorded and met in accordance with "BIC Standards/Quality Factors Checklist" (Alabama Department of Education, 2005). Once the school has completed this process, they are able to monitor progress both by the school and the students. They can also ensure that guidelines are being met to place students into a transtion to college, tech school, or for the work force.

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